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Rereleasing in the Spring of                              2015!



            When the backswing is started with the turn of the left shoulder (the one move to better golf), the left arm and hand are directed out and away from the body. This sends the club on a long journey to the top, instead of a short journey to the top by taking the club inside.


            When this open left shoulder turns away from the less-open left hip, an immediate coiling in the left side of the back occurs. The hips will react to this coiling and move toward the target before the club goes all the way back. Because of this, the right side of the body will be subjugated until the moment before impact. Then when the right side does participate, it won’t interfere with the accuracy of the shot, but it will create more acceleration, culminating in a full finish.In summary, there are two opportunities for one to make changes to improve their swing—before the swing, or during the swing. The golf swing happens in just a second and a half, so there isn’t much time to think during the swing. Therefore, I view the golf swing as a conditioned reflex, consisting of 95% setup and 5% start. By setting up consistently in an erect position, with the shoulders 15 degrees open, the hips 10 degrees open, and 6 inches of shoulder tilt; you will be in a position where it will be easier for you to start the swing with your left shoulder. This will put you on the path to better ball striking, lower scores, and a greater enjoyment of the game of golf. "        Carl Lohren

             "I view Ben Hogan and Lee Trevino as perhaps the best ball strikers ever. They both had maximum delay of the right side or “lag,” as it is called today. This allowed them maximum distance and accuracy. In this type of swing, the lower left side of the body moves forward as the club is still going back. This swing is created by a coil of muscles in the left side of the back. Thus, the lower left side responds to this torque in the back and moves forward before the backswing is completed. This multiplies the backswing torque, and adds to the lag in the swing and velocity of the club head.


           To achieve this swing, one should address the ball as naturally as possible. When holding the club, the right hand is lower than the left hand and also anterior (out in front of the right hand). This establishes the proper amount of tilt and openness of the shoulders, as a natural phenomenon. When one is using a square stance with the feet, the hips should be a little less open than the shoulders, but still slightly open compared to the feet. These are important ingredients to create the swing that I described. Ben Hogan had a closed stance with open shoulders and open hips. Lee Trevino had an open stance with open shoulders and open hips.




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