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Over the years, Carl Lohren has had the honor of teaching many of the game's best talent.

"I never had a teacher and I based all my early development on Carl’s first book, One Move to Better Golf. To this day, I base my swing on setting up properly, and I think that it is paramount in Carl’s new book."


-Fred Funk,

Winner of 8 PGA Tour Events and 5 Champions Tour Events

"Carl Lohren has been a serious student of the golf swing for many years, and I have had many fascinating conversations with him on swing theory and technique. A career club professional who spends many an hour on the lesson tee, he has kept his own game at a very high level. Carl made a permanent contribution to the game of golf with his first book, and with this new book will add even more to everyone’s understanding of the swing."


-Gary Player,

Winner of 9 Majors and more than 166 Worldwide Wins

"Carl Lohren [is an] innovative teacher. A good player himself, he understands how important a good setup is. His idea of openness at address is a real contribution to the understanding of sound golf technique."


-Chi Chi Rodriguez,

Winner of 8 PGA Tour Events and 22 Champions Tour Events

"I was intrigued with what Carl Lohren has put down in this book, because he is the first teaching professional to come by who really understands how I play the game of golf—open shoulders, open hips, take the club to the outside and reroute it. Fortunately, with this book he will reach thousands, maybe millions, of average golfers with this thinking. Fantastic!"


-Lee Trevino,

Winner of 6 Majors, 29 PGA Tour Events, and 29 Champions Tour Events

"Carl is a dedicated teacher who is not only a theorist; he works out his theories through trial and error with his own game. He’s a good player, too."


-Jim Albus,

Winner of 6 Champions Tour Events

"When I was on tour, I played a lot of practice rounds with Ben Hogan, and Ben told me that (One Move to Better Golf) came the closest to describing how he played."


-Skee Riegel,

Runner-Up in the 1951 Masters to Ben Hogan, 1947 US Amateur Winner


Bruce Fleisher, Winner of 18 Champions Tour Events    Morris Hatalsky, Winner of 4 PGA Tour Events & 3 Champions Tour Events   Dave Hill, Winner of 13 PGA Tour Events, 3-Time Ryder Cup Member    Tom Jenkins, Winner of 7 Champions Tour Events    Lou Graham, Winner of 6 PGA Tour Events    Babe Hiskey, Winner of 3 PGA Tour Events    Mike Sullivan, Winner of 2 PGA Tour Events     Rocky Thompson, Winner of 2 Champions Tour Events    Pat Lindsey, PGA Tour Winner    Marty Fleckman. PGA Tour Winner 



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Hank Haney, Paul Marchand, Tom Patri and had a strong influence on Jim McLean







     "I have known Carl  for over 30 years . He is truly one of the brightest teaching minds of the past          100 years in golf . 

       His passion is second to none.

      Carl has helped to shape my thoughts as to how I believe the game of golf is played.

      Thank you Carl for all you have done for this wonderful game."

      Sincerely in golf  

      -Tom Patri




     Edwin Watts Top Instructor 

     Met PGA Teacher of the Year

     South Fl.PGA Teacher of the Year

     1981 NCAA ll National Champion 




1981 NCAA ll National Champion 

    ""II first met Carl Lohren in 1975 in New York. It quickly became clear that Carl Lohren stood on top of the mountain when it came to teaching. His book, One Move to Better Golf , had been recently published and it was a major best seller. Beyond writing a truly classic golf book, Carl walked the talk. By that I mean he was slammed morning until night teaching golfers of every level. This included many tour players and many club pros, in addition to a full slate of average golfers.

     I rate teachers on a number of things, but some criteria are absolutes. Does the teacher have a long list of students? Is his lesson book full? Is he recognized nationally? Do his students get better? On all these counts everyone would say yes to Carl.

     When I speak to a teacher I can assess their golf knowledge pretty quickly. In Carl's case  I learned about his golf knowledge over decades. It is massive. He's done a huge amount of research and study on every aspect of the game.

I also feel it is highly desirable to see a teacher able to demonstrate the shots. Certainly this is another area where Carl Lohren excels. Carl has been a top player his entire career, and a fierce competitor. 

      Another intangible that Carl can teach is the competitive aspects of golf and how to break through scoring barriers at any level. Carl can tell a student how to hit a shot and then execute exactly what he is saying. The student can watch a beautiful demonstartion, including tips on doing the shot under pressure. That seperates Carl Lohren from the teachers who say do it my way, but then can't do it themselves and have never won a dime in any golf tournament. Carl can hit all the shots.

      Do you have to be a top player to be a top teacher. In rare instances. no. However it is a huge advantage to both the teacher and the student if the teacher has actually been highly successful at the game themselves.

Carl Lohren has done it all. He is a great and prolific teacher. He gets the results. He's done it for a lifetime."  ~Jim McLean


. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

"I have worked with Carl Lohren on my game, and I have put his ideas into my own words. You have a fine instructor in Carl; I recommend that you use him."


-Jack Nicklaus,

Winner of 18 Major Championships

"I have been on tour for fifteen years and I now see that many top players are using Carl’s methods. It was just a matter of time before his methods surfaced among the best players in the world."


-Gary Hallberg,

Winner of 3 PGA Tour Events and the 1978 NCAA National Individual Title

"Years ago I went to see Carl Lohren for help with my swing, and what he had to say about moving the left shoulder to start the swing was a big key in helping me. He teaches the way Lee Trevino and Ray Floyd play."


-Larry Laoretti,

Winner of the 1992 U.S. Senior Open

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